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New build, Monkabuntu

A 64 bit desktop operating system for Raspberry Pi 4 based on the dektopify ubuntu mate version from wimpy`s world (many thanks and greetings for that).

The image is 7.9 GB in size and is in .img format (gz compressed). After downloading and extracting, the .img file can be written to a micro sd or drive with EtcherWin32DiskImagerRaspberry Pi Imager etc…

The default login/ftp/ssh/etc for this image is; User: pi Password: monkapie

Download from Google Drive:

Also from therexershow, here’s a Dropbox link.

Partial Feature List:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS rpi4 aarch64
  • mesa 20.2.0 with vulkan – vulkan works with ppsspp but not yet in dolphin :((
  • anbox (android in a box wip ) very unstable maybe some light android apks run well like calculator, file explorer, etc..
  • chromium armhf in a docker container (widevine on aarm64 for netflix support), a fork of henning thiemann `s docker-chromium-armhf container on – my fork for the rpi4 can be found here:
  • android screen mirroring
  • obs studio (video capture and streaming software)
  • lr-flycast has been setup for Dreamcast emulation on this build
  • Retropie with many preinstalled cores + stand alone retro game emulators

Retropie running on aarch 64 is based of course on the great work from the offical retropie team.

Please start emulationstation by typing emulationstation in the terminal – yeah I know but hey it`s a beta don’t complain 😛

As always have fun!

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4 replies

  1. Confirmed USB boot is not working on Rpi 4 4Gb v1.1 and Rpi 4 8gb v1.4. I tried with Samsung Evo860 SSD, Crucial MX500 and Kingston A400 120Gb using Eluteng and Starmedia USB3 to SATA adapte, both using ASM1153E chipset(native UAS and Trim support). I tested it with my dell 1080p 27″ monitor and my Samsung 58″ 4k TV(has 1080p native resolution)
    When I boot from USB3, I simply got a blank screen. FYI, I have latest official Rpi4 firmware from Jun 15th 2020. I flashed image using latest etcher on MAC and PC.
    It does work just fine booting from MicroSD card, so far I tried with Sandisk Extreme and Extreme pro 32Gb.
    Any ideas why Monkajaro v1.1 does not work?

  2. All I got was a pretty retro “PLEASE STAND BY” sign, nice touch though.
    Then…a black screen. Still waiting for some reason while I write this.
    OH…and why would you zip that so many times!!??? People are having a
    hard enough time trying to figure out all these drive configurations.
    That’s one reason why so many want to get windows installed. Linux can’t
    hold onto much for long.

  3. Hello,
    I have seen heard a lot about Monkabuntu and Monkajaro but I cannot download the complete image. It always stops half way. Is there anyway to post a torrent download. Some of us with slow internet speeds could find that very useful. Thanks.

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