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FlameMonkabuntu 2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4 by flamekat53 and monkapie Released!

A 64 bit desktop operating system for Raspberry Pi 4 based on ubuntu mate.

The image is 11 GB in size and is in .img format (gz compressed). After downloading and extracting, the .img file can be written to a micro sd or drive with EtcherWin32DiskImagerRaspberry Pi Imager etc…

The default login/ftp/ssh/etc for this image is; User: pi Password: monkapie

Download from Google Drive:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS rpi4 aarch64
  • mesa 20.2.0 with vulkan support (working on ppsspp but buggy in dolphin – wip)
  • switched from mate to xfce4 (included xfce4 themes made by grayduck)
  • updated box86 to the latest version
  • added native discord client (Thanks to spacebat from the pi labs discord)
  • added native spotify client
  • chromium armhf in a docker container (widevine on aarm64 for netflix support), a fork of henning thiemann`s docker-chromium-armhf container on – my fork for the rpi4 can be found here:
  • android screen mirroring
  • anbox (android in a box wip ) unstable – maybe some light android apks will run like calculator, file explorer, etc..
  • kodi 18 preinstalled (media playback and streaming)
  • obs studio (video capture and streaming software)
  • lr-flycast has been setup for Dreamcast emulation on this build
  • Retropie with many preinstalled cores running from the desktop
  • amiberry added to RetroPie for amiga emulation
  • Several stand alone retro game emulators
  • Various fixes and tweaks

Note: This build has overclock settings in config.txt. If your pi does not have adequate cooling for overclocking, or is having difficulty booting it may be necessary to modify these settings.

Retropie running on aarch64 is based of course on the great work from the offical retropie team.

You can stay posted on monkaBlyat’s latest projects by visiting his page on the SBC Gaming Website:

For assistance and general retro gaming discussion join theĀ SBC Gaming Discord.

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